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Sounds & Vibrations


The Gong Bath Experience is Special

The Vibration of the Gong resonates in a unique way with our Body, activating our Emotions, touching our Soul, calming the Mind, giving us unique and different sensations each time for each of us.

Living the experience is very simple, just let yourself go and listen to the Waves, the Sounds, the Sensations….

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The perception of Sound is the first contact that a small nascent Life, still in the mother's womb, has with the outside world and it seems to be the last to vanish.

This tells us how deeply connected the Sound is with our most intimate and profound experiences . 


The sounds we are usually in contact with have stressful effects: we call them noises and are typical of the hectic life of many realities in which we live. This is why it is healthy and beneficial to allow yourself time and space to immerse yourself in re-harmonizing sounds, thus restoring our natural balance. Those who have already tried the beneficial effects of Tibetan bowls and Harmonic Chant, will be able to discover in the sound of the Gong a unique transformative power. Its 'song' recalls the sound of a great OM, the primordial sound of creation.

Probably some sounds of the Gong remind us of those first sounds we heard in the womb. It is no coincidence that the Gong, the main instrument in the creation of therapeutic sounds, one of the oldest ever created by man, was already used in shamanic rites thousands of years ago. The characteristic of its sound, rich in harmonics, and its vibrating power have a regenerating, rebalancing, transmuting effect; the vibrations it emanates act on the physical body in every cell, but also on our subtlest 'bodies': Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

What is a Gong Bath?


The "Gong bath" consists of a sound-vibrational massage session. The term "bathroom" is combined with the Gong, because its sound is particularly enveloping, full, penetrating, and fills all the space it finds around, in an almost tangible way, precisely giving a feeling of total immersion to whoever listens.


During the Gong baths, the participants relax, preferably lying down comfortably on the floor on a mat, covered with a plaid if preferred, immersing themselves in this experience of sounds produced by various instruments, overtone singing, and mainly by the Gongs.

Based on ancient wisdom, Gongs resonate with the body, facilitating a state of deep relaxation and Meditation, bringing the brain waves from Beta to Theta and Delta. 

A space opens up inside and outside of us, in which incredible things can happen. 


An evening immersed in the thousand voices of the Gong... to learn to love each other more! Comfortably lying there is nothing to do.

In deep relaxation, the Mind can take a break, let go and be cradled in a sound vibration bath.  Body, Soul and Spirit return to communicate with each other and resonate together!


The effects of this practice and the conscious listening to sounds lead to a state of mental lightness and absence of thought, a deep meditative relaxation, in which alpha waves are stimulated in the brain, halfway between sleep and wakefulness.

In this phase, experiences can re-emerge from our unconscious, dissolve tensions, inner blocks, crystallized emotions and leave room for possible intuitions and illuminations from our most spiritual levels. Every single cell of the body is massaged by the sound, re-harmonizing with the others; in this process it is possible to feel old physical pains that re-emerge and then be dissolved, or to hear various parts of the body resonate and vibrate pleasantly, as in a real physical massage. Someone contacts higher emotions, states of intense joy, fullness, intimate peace and pleasant ecstasy

Sound wisely works where it is needed, in a different way on everyone, following the golden laws of resonance, and the more we learn to let ourselves go, the more we come into contact with what is ready for us, so that we can learn to welcome it. and integrate it into a natural self-healing process. The beneficial effect of the sound bath continues in the following days. The possibility of practicing them on a regular basis brings increasingly tangible and lasting effects over time.


Gong & Yoga

Listening to the Self, through movement and stillness, between Vibrations, Sounds and Silences....

During the execution of the Asanas, we make contact with our Body, Breath and Mind, letting the Vibrations and Breath work in Resonance, exploring our Energies, Thoughts and Emotions within us.

The particular vibration of the Gong allows us to enter a spontaneous state of deep Meditation during the practice of Yoga, influencing both the physical body and the energies of the more subtle bodies...  Mental, Emotional, Animic.

It also helps us to free the Nadi, the energy channels in which Prana flows, removing any blockages.

The sound of the Gongs resonates with the characteristic sound frequency of the individual Chakras,harmonizing them and facilitating their realignment, opening them and freeing them from any blocks

(depending on what we can at the time).


Yoga Nidra, Sounds and Vibrations


Practicing this form of Yoga is simple: lying on the floor on a mat or mat, with eyes closed, in a peaceful environment, one is guided through different stages and visualizations which lead to a profound experience at various levels of being.

Yoga Nidra together with Gongs and ancestral sounds are a wonderful combination to listen, transform and go further in letting go.

During this relaxing practice one appears to be asleep, but in reality the consciousness works at a deeper level of awareness. Right away you can perceive a wonderful feeling of well-being and relaxation....

Just one hour of Yoga Nidra equals four hours of natural sleep.

This special way of Yoga was developed by an Indian Master, Swami Satyananda Paramahansa.

Satyananda elaborated Yoga Nidra starting from an ancient tantric practice, called Nyasa (literally means "to put or bring the mind to a point"), whose objective is to instill a very high awareness in the various parts of the body with the use of views.

Yoga Nidra allows anyone to obtain the same benefits as the Nyasa practice, in a simpler and more immediate way.

Visualizations have the power to lead  into a state between sleep and wakefulness, in a special contact with the subconscious and unconscious dimension of the mind. The mind moves away from sensory stimuli, detaches itself from external experiences and turns inward: this makes it powerful and allows it to be focused and directed – for example to improve memory.


Sankalpa: the Seed of Change.

During the practice of Yoga Nidra, when the mind is particularly receptive and sensitive, one has the possibility of infusing a brief positive affirmation into the subconscious, which in Sanskrit is called Sankalpa (purpose or resolution). Sankalpa is like a Seed for a positive change in one life.

The Sankalpa takes place at the beginning and at the end of the Yoga Nidra practice: at the beginning it is equivalent to planting the seed, at the end it is watering it.

yoga lago ch.jpg

Gong & Rebirthing


The hypnotic rhythm of the Gong and the Shamanic Drum that accompany the "breath"....

Thanks to a friend we discovered the beauty of vibrations and breath together. 

The explosion of energy, great charge and will  to go further, following the thread of life: "the breath". 

Once an Indian Guru asked himself the question: Who am I? Simple! I am the Breath.

Simple, who are we? ... Energy .... in connection with the whole.

What can I say more.... An experience to discover and try.


Individual relaxation sessions: Meditation between Sounds & Gong

Listening, Intention and Meditation, a unique moment of centering between the vibrations of the Gongs and "ancestral" sounds such as the shell, the drum, shamanic instruments, harmonics and the sounds of the elements of nature.

In an individual or couple session you can listen and bring your intention to your heart among the Waves of Vibrations.

With simplicity, Love and Listening we let ourselves go.... and Flight begins.

During an individual session, vibrational sounds are used, at close range, as in a real massage which helps to harmonize the mental, physical and emotional state, restoring balance and attention  where there is disharmony, or by increasing the well-being already present.

The sessions begin by bringing attention to the breath and/or with a few minutes of meditation and end by gently returning to the here and now. Gongs, singing bowls, and other vibrational healing musical instruments are used. It is an experience of meeting and beneficial fusion with vibrations and rebalancing harmony.

The treatment to induce a state of mind of meditative relaxation, a harmonization of all the cells, a rebalancing of the mind-body system, a greater synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres, to release internal tensions and awaken natural healing energies.

Receiving an individual Gong session is a unique experience, it is an opportunity to give energy to ones intention. During the individual session it is played with the intention - purpose of whoever receives it and can accompany it and realize it in the greatest personal and universal good.

All who receives this treatment has to do is let it flow, let go of the sounds and vibrations and allow them to enter and resonate in all our bodies: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual .

The treatment can take place lying down, sitting  on a futon-mat, or on a chair, of your choice, and can also be done in pairs.

Leaf Pattern Design

It is possible to insert the Gong and the harmonic / shamanic Instruments, also in support of other Holistic activities, practices, group experiences, Workshops / events, Laboratories. ...

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Spiritual Life Coach
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