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Enrico Bilotta


Henri Bilotta


I was born in 1964 in Milan, to a French mother and an Italian father.

Since I was young I have cultivated a great Passion towards contact with Nature, Travel, Musical expression and Oriental disciplines, in the continuous search for inner balance ...

In life, I have had the great fortune of being able to explore and travel for a long time around the World (particularly in the East), knowing various cultures and having the privilege of meeting during the "journey", several Masters who have facilitated in me over the years, a profound process of transformation.

With a spirit of sincere gratitude towards what Life has offered me up to now, I am currently continuing my path of inner growth, dedicating myself with passion to transferring my experiences and the tools acquired, to facilitate harmonious well-being in others between Mind, Body and Spirit.

I conduct group workshops and individual courses, in Italian, English and Spanish, using different holistic techniques, including:

  • Spiritual Family Constellations according to the Mov.I.An. ®


  • Creative and positive thinking inspired by the philosophy of Louise L. Hay

  • Archetypal System of Master Movements ® for the training and education of affective-motor and social skills, by Monica Antonioli

  • Integrative method of fire-pratices and pedagogy of Desire (Fire-Walking)

  • Purification Cabin (Sweat Lodge Inipi)

  • Shamanic Circles, Ceremonies & Initiatory Rituals

  • Sound healing - Gong baths & harmonic sounds

  • Chakra test & Energy rebalancing (Himalayan tradition)

  • Yoga & Meditation

  • Introspective Paths and Journeys in Nature

  • Symbolic and Archetypal cards

  • Reiki (Mihao Usui)

Henri Bilotta
Spiritual Life Coach
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