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COACHING - Personal Growth

Wandering viaggiatore

"The two most important days in your Life are the one you were born on and the one you understand why"
Mark Twain

I propose group workshops , individual consultations and personalized paths , to address the existential issues that commonly hinder our natural path of life

My training is holistic-systemic which therefore considers the human being in his totality and in his multiple inter-connections (relational, family, social, spiritual, planetary)

In particular, my approach of Spiritual Life coaching tries to touch the subtlest strings of the Soul, to help it find its own "direction", moving the Emotions and relieving the Mind, often overloaded and confused.

All the methodologies and tools offered have been personally tested and are the result of various study paths, research and different personal experiences, matured over the years

To book a consultation or more information contact me:

+39.328.9894403   (also WhatsApp)


I have had more encounters with Enrico, an exciting experience but what I have felt most is the strong loving energy that he transmits.

Donna adulta felice

In all these years I have been lucky enough to work on myself and on my family helped by Enrico .... he has a unique special soul .... always ready to help others ... to transform pain, anger into pure Love

Michele Incarnato

Enrico, great sensitive soul, with your innate talent and your surprising inspirations and connections you were able to give me "answers" to questions that have always asked for a solution

Donna bionda

Marinella Barlocchetti

I have had more than one occasion in which I turned to Enrico for help and I found a wonderful person available who has definitely helped me to resolve emotional knots.

Dario Bertella

Samantha Pozzi

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Experiential workshop to explore your own limits and discover new resources

In this practical / theoretical seminar, we learn to recognize, understand and accept, without judgment, our Fears, going to set in motion an Energy of transformation that awakens our Courage and allows us to take, when we wish, a step further. our "blocks"

A workshop dedicated to all women and men, young, adult and mature, looking for new tools to live fully, consciously facing the tests that life normally poses to us


"One day la  Fear   knocked on the door…. Courage went to open the door and found no one "
Martin Luther King

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Intensive Personal Growth seminar freely inspired by the philosophy of Louise L. Hay



The purifying power of the Sweat lodge also called "little death" (Lakota), leads to a rebirth as a conscious and free individual and allows you to experience a deep sense of Love and Gratitude for Creation .
Clinging in a Circle around the Sacred Fire in Rituals, Songs, Dance and Silence ...   letting go of any useless "ballast", to get back in connection with the womb of Mother Earth ...

We will conclude the "journey", in a deep relaxation, accompanied by the magical Gongs


Da definire....

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Henri Bilotta
Spiritual Life Coach
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